A new mountain to climb 

Date: 3rd February 2023

Since 2015, our goal has been to strive for higher ground and gain deeper insight of the most challenging issues in public health. So far, Fjelltopp has grown organically, and we’re proud of the impact we’ve been able to have on world health data to date. For us, it’s not just about the data. It’s also about how effectively it can be communicated and understood, that’s what brings about real, positive change.  

We needed to do some work on ourselves to better communicate our purpose – not only what we do, but how and why. We have to make sure we’re always in the best position to make the biggest impact on the most people by helping to harmonise the world’s health data. 

So, what did we do?  

We got together with the experts at Mike Pye +Co. to take a deep dive into our brand, our personality, our voice. Getting the best out of ourselves means we can deliver the best for our clients.  

We knew that we needed to increase the awareness of our company by communicating a more three dimensional Fjelltopp picture. We investigated each and every aspect of our output, assessing its success and planning improvements.  

But why?  

To enable the diverse to converse, ensuring infrastructures and systems talk to each other to bring solutions that are right for each nations’ public health needs. 

Data and technology are constantly evolving. Public health issues and responses are constantly evolving. It was clear that we needed evolution of our own too.  

To be honest, we’d never undertaken anything like this before. All our growth had happened organically over the last 7 years. Although we’re immensely proud of how far we’ve come as a business, it was time to get serious about our messages. We needed to be sure that we were staying relevant, not just because we wanted a new, good-looking website, but to make sure our key messages were clear, and at the heart of everything we do.  

Cards on the table: we don’t like showing off or being the centre of attention, but it was important to showcase some of the more impactful work that we’d been a part of. Frankly, we need a seat at the table to make sure we get our voice heard and have the maximum impact on global health data that we know we can.  

And why should you care?  

It’s not just about work in progress – the unknowns of data needs and global public health needs – but being in constant progress, staying ahead, testing, challenging and always learning and developing. 

We’ve worked with UN field experts including WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS, FAO, Ministries of Health, and other local partners across the globe. Redefining our brand wasn’t just about changing our logo and making a load of noise, it was about increasing the opportunity to make real lasting impacts on the world’s health data, driven by social objectives.  

Although we’re data scientists and software engineers, our business is ultimately all about real people, not just numbers. We’re proud of our people and we want to showcase the values that demonstrate what Fjelltopp is all about.  

We’re on a mission to help harmonise the world’s public health data so that countries can provide the best possible health services to their people and communities. 

Talk to us 

If you need data analysis and research support in your organisation, we can provide CKAN support, data hubs for health, DHIS2 support, research and analysis and much more. Have a look at some of the work we’ve been involved with and get in touch today to see how we can help you harmonise health data.  

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