Dr Jonathan S Berry,

When and why did you join Fjelltopp?

I was previously a technical consultant for WHO Jordan. I helped build a real-time, integrated case-based public health surveillance system during the Syrian refugee crisis in 2015. Inspired by the humanitarian impact of technical ability, this project that led to the foundation of Fjelltopp.

What strengths do you bring to Fjelltopp?

Project management and leadership. As CEO I’m responsible for the company’s development. I’ve managed several national and international public health software projects on behalf of the team, including Public Health Surveillance in Jordan and Madagascar, as well as the AIDS Data Repository for UNAIDS Geneva.

What’s most important to you about working at Fjelltopp?

Our world is full of increasing inequality in wealth, education, and access to healthcare. I believe everyone has a right to quality healthcare services and a healthy environment. I hope I can help re-address the balance in some small way, by supporting governments to strengthen the quality and accessibility of their healthcare services.

What values are most important to you?

Respect. Whilst we are all very different, we are all due the same basic respect and human rights.

Relationships change the world. The difference between a success and failure in technology is often rooted in the quality of the relationships involved. We must build quality relationships if we want our projects to truly succeed.

Empower the individual. My job is to encourage individuals to pursue their own ideas, to think creatively in their own spaces, to take risks and accept responsibility. To me, this is how we grow leaders rather than followers.