Jyri Soppela,
Founding Member

When and why did you join Fjelltopp?

I am one of the founders, joining the team in 2015. The impact of our work has always been the main attraction for me, along with being able to work alongside some amazing talent in our team. The project that got me started was our Jordan public health surveillance project.

What strengths do you bring to Fjelltopp?

I started out as a database expert, along the way I have gained experience in sales and operations responsibilities. My background is in bioinformatics and software development. I’m often our “man in the field” in projects that don’t specifically require the project manager’s presence at the site of implementation.

What’s most important to you about working at Fjelltopp?

Fjelltopp is in a unique position of having years of experience in working in both crisis areas and in humanitarian development. We provide expertise and capacity that is hard to come by, bringing together skills in technology, public health and humanitarian aid.

What values are most important to you?

Sustainability and long-term thinking, not only in our data projects, but in all aspects of a society.

I think growing skills and education are the building blocks of successful companies as well as societies. A sustainable change in a company or a society requires its members to adopt new ways of thinking, understanding concepts on a higher level. Access to education is essential for growth.