Kamil Forenc,

Software Engineer

When and why did you join Fjelltopp?

I joined the Fjelltopp team in 2022 and immediately began working on the Aids Data Repository for UNAIDS. Working on this project was inspiring to me. It allowed me to understand more about public health and how the work at Fjelltopp is important in improving it.

What strengths do you bring to Fjelltopp?

I have a solid background in software development. I bring over 15 years of experience to the Fjelltopp table. I understand the value of code that is readable, repeatable and maintainable – ultimately it will be used by other developers, and that’s how we can all improve together.

What’s most important to you about working at Fjelltopp?

It gives me opportunities that I can’t find anywhere else. Working at Fjelltopp means I can produce software that is not only technically great, but it also has a real positive impact on making the world a better place to live.

What values are most important to you?

Honesty is the most important value to me, I know it’s very important to everyone in the Fjelltopp team too. It means we can resolve disagreements quickly and easily and concentrate on our common goal.
To me, attention to detail and a drive for technical excellence are both vital values to have if you’re going to be a successful software engineer.