Michał Ful,
Cloud Infrastructure Consultant

When and why did you join Fjelltopp?

I started working with Fjelltopp in March 2020, drawn to the idea that what I do really matters, as everything Fjelltopp does is related to public health.

What strengths do you bring to Fjelltopp?

I have more than 20 years’ experience in IT infrastructure. I’ve been designing and implementing software for many different projects, some small and not exposed to a large volume of traffic and some serving millions of requests and terabytes of data per day. I have also a solid background in IT security which today is quite important, not just in the public health sector.

What’s most important to you about working at Fjelltopp?

My work makes Fjelltopp’s products more stable, secure and scalable. My goal is also to make our infrastructure model more universal, easier and faster to implement. It ultimately means that it’s less expensive for our clients because the initial phase costs less and any future changes are easier to implement.

What values are most important to you?

Diversity, honesty, sincerity. It’s important that we work with a diverse group of people, with diverse data ranges. We must always be open and honest with each other within the team and to our clients. Sincerity is vital, our work is data and evidence based so we must be able to trust it, and each other!