Mix Kundegorski,

When and why did you join Fjelltopp?

I am a founding member of Fjelltopp, previously involved in work on multiple projects, including public health surveillance for WHO in Central African Republic, and data analysis for WHO emergency response team in Ukraine.

What strengths do you bring to Fjelltopp?

I’m experienced in working with partners from world-leading research institutions to members of communities in the developing world. I have a very strong technical background but most of the work I do relies on resolving communication gaps between different partners – challenges which I am passionate about.

What’s most important to you about working at Fjelltopp?

As an independent consultant I took part in development and implementation of a public health surveillance project in Madagascar, Jordan and Somalia. I was involved in both technical work and direct communication with WHO and ministerial staff, attending regular missions. Together with the Fjelltopp team we provided bespoke software solutions for epidemiological surveillance, responding swiftly to changing priorities. We supported the system from data gathering, to infrastructure, to user interface and data analysis in challenging situations, from refugee camps in Jordan from 2015 (where system originally piloted) through to the 2017 Plague outbreak in Madagascar and 2017 drought in Somalia.

What values are most important to you?

I believe quality technological solutions provide a “knowledge infrastructure” that lets communities thrive. Providing a good advice and sustainable software tools to the right people can make a big difference.