• Sharing best practice with Shiriki: Fjelltopp leads health informatics webinar

    22nd August 2023

    Recently Jonathan was a speaker for a webinar hosted by Shiriki.

  • How do you maintain CKAN? Top tips for developers

    1st August 2023

    We’ve put together our top CKAN maintenance tips to keep everything running smoothly.

  • Principle #6 Archive data upon each use

    19th June 2023

    Immutable data archives are essential for transparent evidence-based decision making.

  • Principle #5 Version Everything

    19th June 2023

    Without version control you risk losing everything. It ensures you have access to old versions of data and metadata.

  • Principle #4 Validate early & often

    19th June 2023

    Validation builds confidence in your data. It should be automated and happen early in data workflows.

  • Principle: #3 Automate wherever possible

    19th June 2023

    There are so many reasons to automate data management processes beyond the savings made in time and resources.

  • Principle #2 Maintain metadata

    19th June 2023

    Metadata is essential for data managed by large teams over long periods. It ensures data is findable and reusable.

  • Principle #1 Centralise for Security AND Accessibility

    19th June 2023

    Balancing data availability with data security is a real challenge. We provide recommendations on overcoming this.

  • Six Principles for Sound Data Management

    23rd May 2023

    Improving data management increases data impact, driving decision making, growth and innovation in your sector.

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