• Principle #4 Validate early & often

    19th June 2023

    Validation builds confidence in your data. It should be automated and happen early in data workflows.

  • Principle: #3 Automate wherever possible

    19th June 2023

    There are so many reasons to automate data management processes beyond the savings made in time and resources.

  • Principle #2 Maintain metadata

    19th June 2023

    Metadata is essential for data managed by large teams over long periods. It ensures data is findable and reusable.

  • Principle #1 Centralise for Security AND Accessibility

    19th June 2023

    Balancing data availability with data security is a real challenge. We provide recommendations on overcoming this.

  • Six Principles for Sound Data Management

    23rd May 2023

    Improving data management increases data impact, driving decision making, growth and innovation in your sector.

  • Why You Should Be Using CKAN, So You Can Save Lives

    20th May 2023

    CKAN is an Open Source Platform for you to store all of your structured and unstructured data.

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