Meerkat | Our open-source software project, called Meerkat, encapsulates our public health surveillance work in Jordan, Madagascar, Somalia and CAR. Tablet computers with mobile data plans submit case based data to a secure central server. This data is anonymised, exported, processed, and visualised in real time through a web based application. The software is flexible, inter-operable, and tailored to the client’s needs. See the open-source code at: github.com/fjelltopp


Public Health Surveillance for Jordan | Our work began in Jordan with the WHO in 2014. The software is now used in all public clinics and many private clinics across the country. The project includes programmes for monitoring communicable, non-communicable and mental health disease.


Public Health Surveillance for Madagascar | Development and maintenance for Meerkat (custom built in-house system for case based public health surveillance) in Madagascar including: data visualisation, data analysis, form design, cloud infrastructure, bug fixing, training, travel and documentation.


Public Health Surveillance for UNICEF Somalia | Extending and supporting the Meerkat public health surveillance system, as well as provision of maintenance of existing DHIS2 implementations. Extracting DHIS2 data for data visualisation with PowerBI.


Data repository design for UNAIDS Geneva | The "AIDS Data Repository" project aims to improve the quality, accessibility and consistency of HIV data and HIV estimates by providing a centralised platform for countries to manage and share HIV data supported by UNAIDS. The project is built upon the large open source project CKAN which is used by many national and international organisations as a data management portal. We are consulting with international funding bodies and universities as well as with in-country data management teams to build this solution.


Emergency Operations Intelligence for WHO Ukraine | Design and implementation of interactive data dashboards, used by WHO to inform their emergency operations in response to the humanitarian crisis in eastern Ukraine. The dashboard includes multiple datasets, with a customised user interface and tailored data visualisations. Special tools were developed to support spatial analysis of the data. The project was built upon the open source Superset business intelligence solution.
Also, provision of technical support and data analysis for a country-wide tablet-based survey of Trauma Emergency Medical Services with the help of Open Data Kit and Superset open source solutions.


Infrastructure Support for WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) | Designing a data management workflow and real time dashboards for the Emergency Operations Centre in the EMRO regional office of the WHO. This includes coordinating data from events and signals of public health importance with operational data on task assignments and meeting activity. From a technical perspective the dashboards were implemented in Microsoft PowerBI powered by an SQL Server database with various custom data management processes including integration with WebEOC.


Technology | We pick up new technologies quickly, but have particular experience in working with: Open Data Kit, DHIS2, OpenMRS, CKAN Superset, Microsoft PowerBI, Linux, Python, Java, Docker, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services, NGINX, Javascript, and HTML/CSS.



Award Winning | During our first year of trading we delivered services totalling $200000 to new clients in Ukraine, Madagascar, Jordan, Central African Republic, Egypt, Switzerland and Finland, some of which was won by competitive tender. In recognition of this Fjelltopp was selected as best "Newcomer to International Trade" at the International Trade Club awards.