Fjelltopp Members

Welcome to the Fjelltopp members page.  Here we provide some internal documentation and details that are relevant to all members of the company. 


Welcome new Fjelltopp members!

Firstly, if you are new to Fejlltopp, welcome!  We are delighted to have you on board and we hope that you will find your time working with us both rewarding and challenging. Your work with us will help to save lives and improve standards of living around the globe for those who most need it. 

If you have any good ideas for how we can improve the work that we do as a company, please do share these ideas with a director.  If appropriate, the directors will be delighted to help you bring the idea to life.  

We ask that all members please fill in and sign a membership form, before taking on any work for Fjelltopp. Please return the form to the COO. Click below to access the membership form:


Membership Form (PDF)   /  Membership Form (ODS)



Fjelltopp will pay you for your time. We therefore ask you submit detailed timesheets on a monthly basis, or at the end of your contract.  These timesheets will be approved by the CTO before your payment is made.  We reccommend using the free service Toggl to record your time and create automated reports, though this is not essential.  More information about how we ask you to record your time is available below...


Fjelltopp Timesheets


Company Policy

Fjelltopp has a number of policies you should be aware of.  If you believe that the company is breaking it's policy in any way, you should inform a director immediately. The following policies are upheld by Fjelltopp in the form that they are available for download here:


Security and Data Management Policy

Equality of Opportunity Policy

Expenses Reimbursement Policy

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy



Fjelltopp will ask each consultant to sign an "Agreement for Performance of Work" with us for the work that they do.  These contracts are based on the contracts that the company signs with it's clients.  A template contract is available for download here, though the COO should provide you with a tailored contract for you to sign before undertaking any work. 


Template Contract


Management and Compaints

All consultants working for Fjelltopp will be directly assigned a technical line manger. If you are unsure who this is please contact the CTO.  Should you have any grievance or complaint against your manager, please do not hesitate to raise this with one of Fjelltopp's directors:


Dr Jonathan S Berry - Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Dr Gunnar Ro - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Jyri Soppela - Director



Fjelltopp communicates internally through a slack server, which you should have been invited to join.  Our video conferences are managed by Google Hangout, so please ensure you have a Google account.  Weekly dev team meetings are co-ordinated through Slack, so please try to make yourself available for these.  As a fjelltopp consultant you are entitled to a Fjelltopp email address upon request.  Please contact the COO about this. All code is managed through our Github organisation, where we keep track of issues and review each others code using pull requests. Our issues tracking and teamwide wiki pages are held in the private meerkat_issues repository.  If you do not have access to our private repositories please contact the CTO.



Please do boost the profile and reputation of Fjelltopp in whatever creative way you can come up with.  Make sure you like our Facebook page, update your job description on LinkedIN, and follow our Twitter account.  Branding materials including: fonts, colour schemes, letterheads and compliments slips are all available upon request from the COO.  Any formal Fjelltopp documents (paper or web based) should be approved by the COO before sharing publicly. 


Facebook Page

Twitter Account

LinkedIN Page

Capacity Statement