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Take control of data distribution with CKAN

Health institutions are responsible for increasingly large quantities of data and documentation.

Many countries lack a good strategy for storing and distributing finalised health data. This makes it hard for partners to find, understand, access and ultimately reuse the data. Ensuring existing data and documentation is reusable will motivate and inform quality data management, analysis and reporting throughout the health system.

A health data hub from Fjelltopp is a tool to promote sound data and document dissemination at the national level. The solution will save health institutions time and money, boosting innovation and productivity for both staff and external partners alike.

We have experience and expertise in using CKAN to deliver data hubs for a range of users. CKAN is a feature-rich open-source tool used by governments across the world to support data management and dissemination.

Our CKAN-based solution enables clients to practise the FAIR principles for scientific data stewardship, which are endorsed by the WHO:

  • Findable

    Store and organise your data in an online backed-up catalogue. Search and filter the catalogue to find data and documentation of interest. Preview and query structured datasets to gain deeper insight.

  • Accessible

    Control precisely which individuals and organisations can access your data and metadata. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, meaning it is much more secure than typical email distribution methods.

  • Interoperable

    Safely allow third-parties to configure programmatic access to your data e.g. for automated data refreshing or system interoperability. Everything a user can do, a programme can do (and more) via the API.

  • Reusable

    Create and manage metadata, including data dictionaries, or source information. Version and change track everything. Sign up to notifications when data and documentation is updated.

Who it’s for

Data Hubs are an asset to organisations who need support consolidating multiple data streams. Examples include:

  • Governments
  • Health ministries
  • Divisions of the United Nations
  • Programmes of the United Nations
  • NGOs
How to proceed
  • Book a free consultation meeting to discuss what problems we can solve for you.
  • We’ll build a work plan and budget, tailored to your needs, then get to work providing technical solutions and support.
  • We build a basic implementation of the system, review this with you and develop it further to make sure it meets all your requirements.
  • We maintain constant consultation and communication. We adapt to any changes that come up, and keep you fully updated on progress.
  • Once the system is approved, we assist with maintenance and hosting support. A centralised issue tracker is used to report and respond to bugs or urgent priority changes to the system.
  • We work alongside a designated member of technical staff from your organisation. We offer training and development to ensure a smooth handover to your people at an agreed time.
What you get
  • Comprehensive analysis of your requirements, including full documentation and professional write-up.
  • A fully hosted and maintained online document and data hub, customised to suit your organisation’s branding.
  • Development of any features suited to your requirements, including assessing any further features and improvements after implementation.
  • Support in implementation of the platform, including help migrating your data into the new system.
  • Ongoing training and development of your team to take on future maintenance and hosting when appropriate.

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What our client said about us

“We have really enjoyed working with Fjelltopp. The team has been incredibly responsive and communicative, always keeping us updated on progress and responding quickly to any questions or concerns we had. They have demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs/goals, and consistently delivered high-quality work exceeding our expectations. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence was evident in every aspect of the project.”

Chimwemwe Mkandawire, Head of IT, DHA Malawi Ministry of Health

Case Study

Document Management System

Client: Dept. HIV & AIDS, Ministry of Health, Malawi
Funding: UNAIDS
Project size: $90 000+
Timeline: 2021 – Present

The Department of HIV, AIDS & Viral Hepatitis (DHA) was established in 2001 under the MOH in Malawi and carries responsibility for various HIV & Viral Hepatitis programs across Malawi.

The DHA works with many NGOs (such as UNAIDS), universities, government departments, local partners and MoH staff, in order to fight HIV, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis across Malawi. The DHA recognised the challenges of sharing their data and reports with so many partners.

Fjelltopp worked with the DHA to implement CKAN as a one-stop-shop to access all of their public datasets, reports and documents.

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