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Harmonise your health data using the world’s largest health information management system with DHIS2 support from Fjelltopp.

DHIS2 is used across the globe to manage health data and information. Fjelltopp have experience deploying, configuring, and interoperating with DHIS2. Whilst many DHIS2 instances are supported by an internal technical team, these teams are often overstretched and lacking key technical capacities. This results in DHIS2 instances that suffer from: extensive downtime, slow response times, confusing, convoluted metadata structures, and poor interoperability with other software systems.

That’s where we can help. Our software and public health expertise, as well as our experience working with DHIS2 instances across the globe is available as a second line of support. We can work alongside DHIS2 maintenance teams and HISP groups, increasing capacity to make the most of their DHIS2 instances. We have also worked with academic groups to help them adopt DHIS2 or interoperate with DHIS2 for their research. Whatever level of support you need with DHIS2, we’re here to offer a helping hand or two.

  • Sound Surveillance

    We work with our clients towards principles of sound surveillance, seeking to curate data that is accurate, timely, complete, relevant and replicable. Our lead engineers have years of experience working on public health surveillance and data management projects.

  • Security

    By auditing security and disaster recovery procedures, we can reduce the risk of data loss or security breach, saving money and more importantly the potential harm that could result in data loss.

  • Savings

    Through a careful assessment of infrastructure and system configurations, we can seek to improve system performance and reduce system costs through DHIS2 support. There is a tangible cost associated with poor DHIS2 performance; response times should be quick and downtime should be minimal.

  • Building Capacity

    We are passionate about building client capacity to support technical projects such as DHIS2. We believe that the most effective way to build capacity is through working side-by-side with clients on shared projects.

Who’s DHIS2 support for?

We can support any organisation looking to adopt, interoperate with, or maintain a DHIS2 instance. This might be Ministries of Health, UN Agencies, NGOs, academic research groups and more. If you need DHIS2 support, get in touch.

How to proceed with DHIS2 support
  • Book a free consultation meeting to discuss what problems we can solve for you.
  • We’ll build a work plan and budget, tailored to your needs, then get to work providing technical solutions and support.
  • Any source code or intellectual property containing sensitive information is handed over to you. Anything that can be safely published is licensed and published with open-source licences.
  • We partner with you, working together, holding regular meetings to monitor progress and keep everybody informed and updated.
What you get from Fjelltopp’s DHIS2 support
  • DHIS2 deployments that are stable, fast and scalable, using the best practices in infrastructure design. Includes an infrastructure audit and implementation to reduce response times and minimise downtime.
  • Extension development, to enable your DHIS2 to meet custom needs.
  • Metadata design and configuration for specific health interventions and programmes.
  • Security audit, to ensure data is held securely and backed up frequently.
  • Development of third-party interoperability tools that extract data from, or load data into, a DHIS2 instance.
  • Full ownership and control of your data, with a data sharing agreement drawn up between Fjelltopp and the client.
  • Full ownership of any cloud-based software set up during the project, including 6 months of maintenance and cloud-based hosting with the option to continue support, or hand over to your technical team to maintain.

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What our client said about us

“There is so much more to Fjelltopp than managing and analyzing data. Their technical expertise, their analytical skills as well as their problem solving attitude is what has allowed WHO Kazakhstan to improve its emergency response and to set new operational standards in managing large-scale health care interventions.”

Dr Caroline Clarinval, Country Representative, WHO Kazakhstan

“Working with Fjelltopp has been a pleasure. The team is responsive to our technical needs, has quickly picked up the complexities of our substantive work, and has been forward-thinking by identifying solutions that our clients will appreciate.”

Dr Mary Mahy, Epidemiology Team Lead, UNAIDS Geneva

Contact us now if you are experiencing the problem of having no consolidated space to validate, archive and share your data.

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