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Expert data management and analysis for your public health research project

Research institutions around the world are conducting studies to support and strengthen evidence-based decision making in the public health sector. Such studies often involve the collection, management and analysis of large complex datasets from patients and healthcare staff.

Fjelltopp provides expertise in electronic data collection, analysis and research that supports public health research and analysis. We collect data using open-source survey tools (such as Kobo Toolbox), and then clean, profile and analyse the data with custom versioned software code (using the Python/R Anaconda framework) to create familiar outputs in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Our approach ensures best practices in data management are followed throughout the research project, meaning the analysis will be easily repeatable, auditable, organised and completely secure which is vital in a public health study.

  • Easy

    We remove the barriers to widespread electronic data collection and analysis for complex, multi-faceted research to support public health studies. You can focus on the results, not the process.

  • Repeatable

    We make sure your public health research is repeatable, enabling you to easily collect, clean and analyse large volumes of data, again and again.

  • Transparent

    Through good practice in data management, your research is fully auditable. Published data can easily be audited and repeated by others, growing its impact.

  • Impactful

    We facilitate large scale national and international public health research and analysis projects making a significant impact on world health.

Who is our public health research & analysis support for?

Who is our public health research & analysis support for?

Research and analysis support can benefit any organisation conducting research in the public health sector requiring help with collection, management and reporting. We have experience gathering, coding and analysing both quantitative and qualitative data in multilingual settings.

Just a few examples include:

  • Governments
  • Divisions of the United Nations
  • Programmes of the United Nations
  • Universities
  • NGOs
How to proceed with support in public health research & analysis

How to proceed with support in public health research & analysis

  • Book a free consultation meeting to discuss what problems we can solve for you.
  • We’ll build a work plan and budget, tailored to your needs, then get to work providing technical solutions and support. 
  • We develop study protocols, statistical designs and electronic data collection tools, written reports and papers for you, fitting around your team and their requirements.
  • We can configure all the necessary devices for electronic data collection and provide custom tools to monitor the progress of large data collection efforts.
  • We partner with you, working together, holding regular meetings to monitor progress and keep everybody informed and updated.
What you get with Fjelltopp

What you get with Fjelltopp

  • We clean, transform, summarise, analyse and visualise raw data inputs, ensuring that every step of the process is automated, repeatable and auditable. Especially important for larger studies in public health research and analysis, where a single human error can incur a great cost
  • Reports and data outputs delivered in user-friendly office document formats (Excel, Word, Google Sheets, Google Docs), containing two dimensional tables and charts that can be imported into other office documents.
  • We are also comfortable preparing maps, and more abstract charts, as well as interactive data dashboards and visualisations.
  • High quality written technical reports, and optional proofreading services. 
  • We can develop questionnaires and electronic data collection using Open Data Kit or Kobo Toolbox.

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What our client said about us

“There is so much more to Fjelltopp than managing and analyzing data. Their technical expertise, their analytical skills as well as their problem solving attitude is what has allowed WHO Kazakhstan to improve its emergency response and to set new operational standards in managing large-scale health care interventions.”

Dr Caroline Clarinval, Country Representative, WHO Kazakhstan

Case Study

Research Support

Client: The World Health Organisation
Project size: $45 000+
Timeline: 2019 – Present

The World Health Organisation (WHO) employs people at a national, regional and global level to support its work towards enabling the highest possible levels of health for all.

We have worked at a national level with several WHO country offices around the globe, including WHO Ukraine. The WHO Ukraine office has been supporting the Ukrainian Ministry of Health (MoH) to develop evidence-informed national health policies and strategies with the overall goal: to support the Government of Ukraine in its progress towards universal health coverage.

For this project we worked closely with the WHO Emergency and Trauma Coordinator, Dr Omar Saleh.  We provided a technical support role to Dr Saleh and other WHO staff, bringing expertise and best practices in data collection, analysis and research.

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