We seek out technical excellence. It is our ambition to offer attractive employment that leverage’s some of the world’s most qualified engineers and scientists to solve some of the world’s most important humanitarian challenges.


We believe in openness. Almost all of our solutions are open source and built upon other open-source solutions, meaning that the code is freely accessible from the internet. Some of the poorest countries in the world use our software; we believe it is important that they can continue to do so without paying out large license fees.


We work hard to to bring about sustainability. There is no value in placing an unsustainable solution upon an ill-prepared community. We partner with our clients and user groups to improve local capacity for maintaining our solutions. We provide training, advice, mentorship and long-term support contracts.


We are driven by our social objectives laid out in our articles of association: to relieve those suffering from sickness, poverty or distress, in any part of the world,  through the implementation and promotion of software solutions and scientific research.  In order to formally recognise our commitment to ethical business and social purpose, we have registered as a Social Enterprise in the United Kingdom! As part of this we have committed to reinvesting a majority of our profit in order to fulfil our company objectives as our primary motive is the positive impact of our work.