The Problem | There has been an explosion of digital innovation in the public health sector over the past decade, generating vast amounts of health data stored in countless different formats and systems.  Data friction is everywhere. Much of the sector is lacking interoperability between systems; lacking good metadata for their datasets; lacking good data audit trails; lacking secure means of sharing data with those who need it; and lacking the technical capacity to transform and work with large complex datasets.  Step-by-step Fjelltopp wants to help change this for the better.


We're on a mission to help harmonise the world's public health data.



Harmonisation, NOT Standardisation

We build technology to help systems communicate and form an intelligible view of data across multiple sources. 

We do not want to pull apart existing successful systems to impose a singular methodology or standard.



Our Solution | Since 2015 our international consultancy team of engineers and data scientists have worked closely with field experts and local partners to develop technology that facilitates integration, management and comprehension of public health data and systems across the globe, especially in low and middle income countries. 


As an advocate of the principles of digital development, we seek to provide technical solutions that are sustainable, open-source, interoperable, and user-orientated.  


Our team achieves this by fostering a culture of integrity, remaining in close transparent communication with our clients at all times, and placing a high value on training, development, and our ties with academia.



“Working with Fjelltopp has been a pleasure. The team is responsive to our technical needs, has quickly picked up the complexities of our substantive work, and has been forward-thinking by identifying solutions that our clients will appreciate.” 

Dr Mary Mahy
Epidemiology Team Lead, UNAIDS Geneva 



Some Solid Examples | For more details of the work we have done please see our Experience page.  Here is a brief overview of how we have been pursing our mission: 


  • The AIDS Data Repository for UNAIDS is a project aiming to improve the quality, accessibility and consistency of HIV data and HIV estimates by providing a centralised platform for countries to manage and share HIV data supported by UNAIDS. We are consulting with international funding bodies and universities as well as with in-country data management teams to build this solution.


  • DHIS2 Interoperability for UNICEF Somalia helped bring data from multiple health information systems into a consolidated space. Our automated data pipelines used the DHIS2 api to consolidate data from external sources into DHIS2.


  • COVID-19 Data Management Support for FAO Bangladesh saw our consultants offering expert advice technical capacity and stakeholder liaison towards the task of integrating pandemic data from different national sources and systems. 


  • Public Health Surveillance requested by the WHO for the Ministries of Health in Jordan, Madagascar, Somalia and Central African Republic. These tailor-made systems were case-based, interoperable, electronic, mobile, real time, rapidly-deployable and open source.  


But we do more! We have been working in international development and public health since 2015; in pursuing our mission we’re always seeking a deeper understanding of the sector, it’s people, and its data needs.  To this end we have conducted: data analysis and research support, IT consulting, technical capacity building and internal process/management consulting.  For more information see our Experience page.



There is so much more to Fjelltopp than managing and analyzing data. Their technical expertise, their analytical skills as well as their problem solving attitude is what has allowed WHO Kazakhstan to improve its emergency response and to set new operational standards in managing large-scale health care interventions.

Dr Caroline Clarnival
Country Representative, WHO Kazakhstan