Our experience means our company is especially suited to:

As well as this we offer general consulting for public health and international development:


Software Engineering | We build bespoke electronic public health surveillance tools. This is typically through the implementation and maintenance of the open-source public health surveillance software project called Meerkat. We can provide clients with anything between: a fully managed ongoing software service, and individual training contracts that provide support for your own implementation of our freely available software.


Data Analysis | Our team has many years of experience in scientific research, so we love working with data. We work with clients to understand their needs and provide advice on how to make the most of their public health data, how to quantify the limitations of their data, and how to make use of modern techniques in data analysis. We then build this into our bespoke software solutions in order to improve understanding and decision making.


Research | We are open to research collaboration. Several journal publications have already arisen out of our work with partners in the WHO. We want to increase the impact of our software by finding new ways to process the data, interpret the results, and evaluate the data quality.


IT Consulting | We are specialists in applying free cutting-edge open-source technology to build affordable solutions to humanitarian challenges. We welcome proposals for any work, no matter how big or small, that draws on our experience and expertise.