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An international collective of software engineers and data scientists, with specialist experience in the integration, management and comprehension of public health data.
Working since 2015 with UN field experts (including WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS, FAO), Ministries of Health, and other local partners across the globe, especially in low and middle income countries.
As an advocate of The Principles for Digital Development, we seek to provide solutions that are sustainable, open-source, interoperable, and user-orientated.
A company committed to ethical business and social mission before profit; we are registered as a Social Enterprise in the United Kingdom.
"Working with Fjelltopp has been a pleasure. The team is responsive to our technical needs, has quickly picked up the complexities of our substantive work, and has been forward-thinking by identifying solutions that our clients will appreciate."
Dr Mary Mahy
Epidemiology Team Lead, UNAIDS Geneva
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Our team's recent work
Data Hubs & Repositories
Built a data management platform (The AIDS Data Repository) for consolidating data used in estimating the international HIV epidemic. The CKAN based projects supports audit, validation, licensing & sharing of data. View the detailed case study here.
COVID-19 Modelling & Data
FCDO (UKAID) Bangladesh
Undertook a review and assessment of COVID-19 epi-modelling efforts and related data sources across Bangladesh. Fjelltopp led a collaboration with University of Glasgow academics that incorporated stakeholder interviews and a systematic literature review.
Mobile Public Health Surveillance
WHO Madagascar & CAR
Developed & deployed tailormade electronic public health surveillance solutions at a national level in Jordan, Madagascar, Somalia & CAR using case-based real-time electronic mobile solutions.
Dashboarding & Data Viz
WHO Ukraine
Design and implementation of interactive data dashboards using open source technology, used by WHO to inform their emergency operations in response to the humanitarian crisis in eastern Ukraine.
Research & Data Analysis
WHO Ukraine
Provision of technical support & data analysis for a country-wide survey of Trauma Emergency Medical Services in Ukraine. The WHO published multiple reports using our analysis. View the detailed case study here
IT Consulting
WHO Kazakhstan
Reviewed internal business processes for improved remote working capabilities during the COVID-19 crisis. Integration between communication tools were also built to support the WR.
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