We’re an international collective of software engineers and data scientists working to help harmonise the world’s health data.

Who are we

“Noun fjelltopp (pronounced fee-yell-top) A mountaintop or peak”

We’re called Fjelltopp because we love to climb mountains. Getting to the peak of the mountain, the “fjelltopp”, is hard work. It requires navigation, problem solving, determination, mental and physical stamina. It’s easier to navigate around the mountain, but we want to reach the top, to get the best view, to reveal new challenges and to and understand the landscape around us.

We’re all personally connected to the sense of striving for higher ground, for deeper insight, for purpose. We put this energy into every area of our work, using specialist experience to integrate, manage and comprehend the most challenging aspects to public health data helping to make the world a better place.

Since 2015 we’ve worked with UN field experts including WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS, FAO, Ministries of Health, and other local partners across the globe. As an advocate of The Principles for Digital Development, we seek to provide solutions that are sustainable, open-source, interoperable, and user-orientated. A company committed to ethical business and social mission before profit; we are registered as a Social Enterprise in the United Kingdom.

Our experts

Our expertise spans software engineering, data analysis, collaborative research and IT consultancy. Our team is highly qualified and has years of experience working as engineers and data scientists in the public health sector; your data is safe in our hands.

  • Supporting Countries To Implement Case-Based Real-Time Public Health Surveillance
  • Consolidating Health Data In Data Hubs
  • Data Analysis And Research Support
  • Automated HIS Interoperability & Reporting
  • DHIS2 Maintenance
  • Consultation For Public Health & International Development.
Tomasz Sabała
Technical Director
Dr Jonathan S Berry
Managing Director
Dr Chas Nelson
Director of Research, Data and AI
Susan Clark
Portrait of Toavina Andriamihaingo
Toavina Andriamihaingo
Data Analyst Consultant
Portrait of Kamil Forenc
Kamil Forenc
Software Engineer
Michał Ful
Cloud Infrastructure Consultant
Mix Kundegorski
Jyri Soppela
Founding Member
Gunnar Rø
Founding member

We’re proud of our people

At Fjelltopp, we:

  • Speak Candidly.
    We share our weaknesses and celebrate our strengths.
  • Communicate Continuously.
    We’re a close, yet global community.
  • Empathise Openly.
    We care about whole people, not just working people.
  • Build Sustainably.
    We deliver for the future, not just for today.
  • Crave Feedback.
    For constant growth and improvement.
  • Stay Focused.
    It’s about the quality of the working hours, not the number.
  • Carry Conviction.
    It’s the impact of our work that drives us.

Interested in working with us?

Join us

We have strong values attached to everything we do, every day:

  • Driven by social objectives

    We’re registered as a social enterprise in the UK, proving our commitment to reinvesting profit to fulfil our company objectives, because our primary motive is the positive impact of our work.

  • Technical excellence

    Our goal is to attract some of the world’s most skilled and qualified engineers and scientists to solve some of the world’s most important humanitarian challenges.

  • Openness

    Nearly all our solutions are open-source and built on other open-source solutions. This means they are freely accessible from the internet. We believe that access to our software should be free, so that our software can be used without paying big licence fees. It’s important to us that it stays this way.

  • Sustainability

    We work hard to make sure our solutions are sustainable. We know there’s no value in placing an unsustainable solution on an unprepared community. Partnering with our clients and user groups, we provide training, advice, mentoring and long-term support contracts to ensure the capacity to maintain our solutions for the long-term.